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 Applications open between May 12th and June 23rd 2021

Classes start on September 17th, 2021

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Coronavirus (COVID-19): advice to ICS candidates and students

The pandemic caused by the coronavirus has led a large number of schools and universities around the world to close and rThe face-to-face regime will be privileged, using the respiratory mask. However, it is conditioned:
(1) the maximum capacity of the classrooms to comply with the health safety distance;
(2) the convenience of special protection for students and teachers who belong to groups at risk of complications arising from Covid-19 or who cohabit with people who belong to groups at risk;
(3) the feasibility of traveling and installing students in Portugal from other countries.
Students and teachers who, for any of these reasons, cannot participate in person in the curricular activities, will do so at a distance, through the Zoom platform and the Colibri videoconference service.

Classes and seminars will be held in synchronous sessions in the classroom and via Zoom / Colibri. The rooms have audiovisual equipment designed to facilitate interaction between those present and those online.
The operation of each course is subject to specific adaptations and rules, which will be communicated to teachers, students, and candidates admitted by the respective coordinating commissions.
This general information may be updated, which will be announced on the ICS website, depending on the evolution of Covid-19 and the measures that are enacted by the Portuguese authorities.

Government of Portugal website on Covid-19

Directorate-General for Health website on Covid-19

Covid-19 statistics in Portugal
ArcGIS Platform, Esri Portugal

Re-open EU
European Union website on travel conditions to and from European countries and the public health and safety measures in force in each country.

In the meantime, do everything you can to stay well.
The Scientific Committee