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Applications – Procedure


Under the proposal of the meeting of the Scientific Committee of the PhD Program on Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies of the University of Lisbon (ULisboa) and the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (UNL), which brings together professors and researchers from the Faculties of Science and Institute of Social Sciences, Instituto Superior Técnico and Instituto Superior de Agronomia, University of Lisbon, Faculty of Science and Technology and Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, and registered by the Directorate General of Higher Education with the number R / B-Cr-103/2009 – Law no. 9431/2009.

Doctoral Program in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies


1 Number of vacancies

20 vacancies

2 Admission Requirements

The following are admitted as candidates for registration:

Holders of master’s degree or legal equivalent in the areas of social and human sciences, physical and natural sciences and engineering.

Exceptionally, holders of a bachelor’s degree or legal equivalent, who hold a particularly relevant academic, scientific or professional curriculum that is recognized as attesting to the capacity of the Scientific Committee of the Doctoral Program in the same areas referred to in (a).


3 Application process

The application should be made online through the Fénix system to the Scientific Committee of the PhD Program.

The application must be accompanied by the following elements:

3.1 Documents proving that the candidate meets the above conditions;

3.2 Up-to-date curriculum vitae, including published or properly documented work;

3.3 Letter of motivation;

3.4 Identification document.


4 Selection and Serial Criteria

4.1 Candidates for the PhD in Climate Change and Sustainable Development Policies are selected through an assessment of the elements described in 3.2.

4.2 The Scientific Committee of the PhD Program will conduct interviews.

4.3 Candidates are serialized by the Scientific Committee of the PhD Program, taking into consideration their curricula, professional experience and interview evaluation.


5 Host Institution

To be defined

Fridays from 2 pm to 8 pm and Saturdays from 9 am to 1 pm.


6 Deadlines

Applications: May 12 to June 23, 2018

Posting of results and possible appointment of interviews: July 7, 2018

Interviews: Between 9 and 13 July 2018

Display results: July 14, 2018

Deadline for complaints: 17 to 28 July 2018

Registration and registration: September 10 to 14, 2018

Beginning of academic activities: September 14, 2018


7 Emoluments and Tips

The fee to be paid for the application is € 50 (fifty euros) and there will be no refund if the candidate is excluded or not selected.

The tuition fee for the academic year 2018/2019, is € 2750 (two thousand, seven hundred and fifty euros).

The fee can be paid through Multibanco or directly in the Financial Division of the college.

Payment of tuition fees can be made in a phased manner.

Lecture year 2017/2018

Public Notice 03/2017

Ordering of the candidates that have submitted all the required documents and information



Ranking Names Classification (0-20) Program Decision Scholarship Decision
1 Muha Abdullah Al Pavel 17,87 Admitted Assigned
2 Andreia Gonçalves de Sousa 15,86 Admitted Assigned
3 Pedro Miguel Almeida Garrett Graça Lopes 15,20 Admitted Assigned
4 Melissa Nogueira Sondermann 14,73 Admitted Assigned
5 Mónica Nogueira Ribau 14,64 Admitted Assigned
6 Claudia Luisa Gouveia dos Santos 14,60 Admitted Assigned
7 Helena Maria Charrua Ramalhosa Murteira Reis 13,57 Admitted Accept Alternate / Unassigned
8 Henrique Folhas 13,19 Admitted Accept Alternate / Unassigned
9 Norma Maria Rivera 12,63 Admitted Did not apply
10 Helena Paula Barreto Arguelles 12,60 Admitted Accept Alternate / Unassigned
11 Ligia Cirino Girão 12,55 Admitted Did not apply
12 Felisa Falcon 12,53 Admitted Accept Alternate / Unassigned
13 Mário Miguel Ribeiro Gonçalves Marques 12,40 Admitted Unassigned
14 Marcella Melo Silva da Conceição 12,36 Admitted Unassigned
15 Ana Isabel Coelho Pinheiro da Luz 12,33 Admitted Did not apply
16 Gustavo Luis Ferri Furini 12,32 Admitted Unassigned
17 Essi Elina Paronen 12,20 Admitted Did not apply
18 Maritza Arcajo 12,18 Admitted Unassigned
19 Md. Humayain Kabir 12,04 Admitted Unassigned
20 Anastácia Brandão de Melo 11,78 Admitted Did not apply
21 Richard Paul Chakroff 11,48 Admitted Did not apply
22 Ana Margarida Mourão Prado 11,44 Admitted Did not apply
23 Abdullah Ibne Wadud 11,32 Admitted Unassigned
24 Gudo Bai Armando Maidjelele 11,27 Admitted Did not apply
25 Claudia Hollatz 11,08 Admitted Unassigned
26 Hugo Pires Costa 10,96 Admitted Unassigned
27 Tiago Manuel Barbosa Silva 10,93 Admitted Unassigned
28 Ana Lúcia Gomes Fonseca 10,84 Admitted Unassigned
29 Paula Sobenko Hatum 10,78 Admitted Unassigned
30 Yevgeniya Tokareva 10,72 Admitted Unassigned
31 Carlo Alessandro Castellanelli 10,68 Admitted Unassigned
32 Suzana Moreira Muniz Curti 10,67 Admitted Unassigned
33 Maria Goreti Ferreira da Silva 10,66 Admitted Did not apply
34 Magda Braga de Souza 10,64 Admitted Unassigned
35 Eleonora Cintura 10,63 Admitted Unassigned
36 David Marcos Borralho Pereira 10,46 Admitted Did not apply
37 Laura Dorsch 10,41 Admitted Unassigned
38 Cátia Andreia Amado Eira 10,40 Admitted Unassigned
39 Ana Rita Vieira de Castro 10,34 Admitted Did not apply
40 Sandra Wantuil 10,29 Admitted Unassigned
41 Victoria Jane Shearn 10,14 Admitted Unassigned
42 Maria Beatriz Sanchez Jorge 10,10 Admitted Did not apply
43 José Henrique Auvray Guedes 10,06 Admitted Did not apply
44 Érica Tatiane Soares Ciorici 9,98 Admitted Unassigned
45 Oleksandr Galychyn 9,76 Admitted Unassigned


Not Admitted

46 Chiara Madaro 9,00 Not Admitted
47 Daiane Lautert Moretto 8,80 Not Admitted
48 Felipe Decol 8,67 Not Admitted
49 Anil Berkin 8,46 Not Admitted
50 Joana Loff Sérgio 8,41 Not Admitted
51 Bruno Carlos Barradas Dias 8,35 Not Admitted
52 Helena M. S. T. Pires 8,31 Not Admitted
53 Ana Margarida Castro Vales 8,28 Not Admitted
54 Daniel da Silva Vieira 8,13 Not Admitted
55 Ana Rita Bernardo 7,66 Not Admitted
56 Soraia Daud Ismael 7,42 Not Admitted
57 Lyazzat Syrlybayeva 7,37 Not Admitted



Not Rated

Reinaldo Luís Pinto Silva Gomes Did not attend the interview
Filipa Rosa Efe Vieira de Vasconcelos Withdrew