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Q. In what University/College should we register from the 2nd year?
A.  At the college where your supervisor teachers.

Q. What documents are required for the registration?
A.   Usually, the same requested on the registration of the PhD in addition to the Registry of the Thesis.

Q. The academic year gives place to any kind of diploma? What is his issue price?
A.   The first year is an AFC (Advanced Formation Course) and the diploma is foreseen on the regulation of the course DR 2nd Series No.66 April 3rd,2009 – Article 13, the cost of the diploma is affixed by the University’s Rectory where held a curricular component, in your case a chart of the fee of the LU that is published in the DR 2nd Series No.74 April 13th,2012.

Q. How many years do we have to finish the thesis (excluding the academic year)?
A.  Academic year + 4 Semesters with the possibility of extension of +4 semesters (the registration of the Thesis has a validity term of 5 years)

 Q. Will we continue to have informatic access of the 1st year or will we have to ask for a new access to the University/College where we will register?
A.   The access may or may not continue, according to your need to research.

Q. Do we have access to other study spaces on the associated Universities to the PhD? In what moulds?
A.   The accesses will be provided by the Organic Unity where you register on the second year.

Q. What is the amount to be paid on the tuition on the following years?
A.   The 1st year is settled to 2750€ and the following years is settled by the Organic Unity to where the student goes.

Q. What are the deadlines to find a supervisor?
A.   Before the final year correspondent to the first academic year, the tutor should help you to find the Main Supervisor.

Q. In case of having a supervisor of a university and co-supervisor of another university, in what university should the student register?
A.  Its something to settle between the 2 co-supervisors and the student.

Q. Is there a regulation about the procedure/possibility of register the title and theme of the thesis, with the objective of protection of copyright?

A. There is no possible protection, however, you can always consult the University’s Rectory where the student will defend the thesis

 Q. About the evaluation of the Thesis’s Plan by the CC: What are the directives for the presentation? Will a formal evaluation take place? Beyond this presentation in July and the defence of the thesis will there be more evaluations?

A. It is not formal. Another preliminary presentation can take place, that will depend on the University where the student registers

 Q. Will it be possible trough the PDACPDS to get support for the realization of training and formation courses in themes of interest, for example: the elaboration of scientific articles; thesis organization (f.e. Idea Puzze), etc.?

A. Possibility of support, articulate with the supervisor and depends on what Organic Unity that teaches the course.

 Q. The fact that our PhD encompasses the 2 public universities of Lisbon, will it allow us the right to discounts like the other regular students, of any other unities( for example summer school courses on IST of the UTL, in FCSH of the New University, ICS of the UL) or just the unity in where we defend the thesis?

A. No, it could have some potential possibilities that should be articulated with the supervisor and also with authorization of the Organic Unity where the course takes place.