Adaptation and Mitigation of Climate Change
  1.  Get an ensemble view of the impacts, problems and solutions of Adaptation to Climate Change (CC)
  2.  Get an ensemble view of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission sources and activities, and of the technical, legal and financial solutions for Mitigation of CC
  3.  Be aware of the main issues of Adaptation at sector level
  4.  Be aware of the main issues of Mitigation at sector level, with emphasis on those not directly related to Renewable Energies
  5.  Understand the main interactions an co-benefits of Adaptation and Mitigation approaches
  6.  Understand the theoretical and practical approaches to R&D studies of Adaptation and of Mitigation


  • Connections  of Adaptation and Mitigation (A&M) with Sustrainable Development
  • Prodution, storage and transmission of energy of fossil and of renewable sources, with emphasis on electricity
  • Energy efficiency at the Buildings and Transportation sectors
  • Energy production from Nuclear Fission and Fusion
  • A&M at the Waste sector
  • A&M at the Water sector
  • A&M at the Tourism sector
  • A&M at the primary sectors – Forests, Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries
  • Climate Change impacts on Biodiversity and Adaptation strategies
  • Climate Change impacts on Human Health and Adaptation strategies
  • Adaptation at Coastal Zones
  • Carbon sequestration – biological and geological
  • Geoengineering
  • National and international plans and programmes for Adaptation
  • National and international plans and programmes for Mitigation
  • Inventories and sector specific Mitigation plans
  • Practice of A&M related R&D: data, methods, management of multidisciplinary teams