Climate Change and Spatial Planning

This curricular unit aims to increase competences in critical analysis, inquiry, implementation and assessment of spatial planning’s contribution as a public policy to adaptation strategies, instruments and practices towards climate change based on:

  • Greater awareness of existing territorial diversity;
  • Higher efficiency regarding territorial governance mechanisms with an impact on adaptation processes


1.      Climate change and spatial planning: framework and inquiry
2.      Adaptation strategies towards climate change: resilience, transition and transformation
3.      Spatial planning: changing concepts and policies
4.      Spatial planning and strategies for adaptation to climate change: comparative analysis of different examples
5.      Climate change and spatial planning in urban areas
6.      Municipal adaptation strategies to climate change through spatial planning tools in Portugal (with the presence of municipal technicians charged with preparing, implementing or monitoring relevant strategies and plans in this field)
7.      Presentation and discussion of ongoing doctoral theses on climate change and spatial planning (with the presence of doctoral candidates sharing the experience of preparing a doctoral thesis in this domain)
8.      Summarising and defining a research and action agenda on climate change and spatial planning