Seminar on Sustainability Science & Climate Change

The Seminar aims mainly at showing students how to research in depth, how to debate a subject beyond the
usual, mainstream opinions; and at inspiring themes and provide clues for the development of Ph.D. Thesis
The students will develop skills of critical analysis to existing views, theories, and practices related to
sustainable development and climate change current problems and solutions; of auto-analysis of their own
views, positions and prejudices; of application of scientific methodologies, support and rigour; and of
investigation, preparation, and oral and written communication of arguments.
In short this unit aims to prepare the students from a scientific and methodological viewpoint to successfully
conceive, mount and present a Ph.D. Thesis.

Historical responsibility and the right to the Development.
Sustainable use of Natural Resources – the argument of Limits to Growth
Integral Sustainability: a perspective from system theory and beyond.
For fighting Climate Change (CC), is the top priority Adaptation or Mitigation?
Relations of Sustainability Science to CC
Methodologies for adressing Sustainability Science and CC problems
Where is the capacity and responsibility for action against CC: public or private entities?
What should be the role and methods of research on CC and Sustainable Development issues?
Urban development models vs. climatic challenges
Are Renewable Energies really so “green”? And a final solution to the energy supply?
Many problems, limited humand and financial resources: is CC a top priority?
N.B. this set of themes is updated every year according to the currently more important issues debated at the
SD and CC arena.